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What Is Barter?

Barter, or trade, is an exchange of goods and services for other goods and services. Through barter, people can obtain things they want and need without paying cash. Instead, they exchange their goods or services for goods or services offered by someone else. For example, the owner of a shoe store exchanges shoes for carpeting. Or a dentist exchanges dental care for car repair. Almost all of us bartered as children, when we traded baseball cards, stamps, or toys.

Can barter work for me?

Barter works for everyone. If you own a business that deals in hard goods, you can barter excess inventory, slow-moving products, or remainders at full price. If you deal in a service, you can fill in free time or keep idle staff busy by serving barter clients during slow periods.

Barter also helps with cash flow. When you obtain goods or services on barter, you free up cash you can then spend on other things.

And barter can bring you new customers. Your satisfied trade customers will tell others about you, bringing in more business. Some of these new customers might be trade customers, but some will be cash customers.

Will Barter work for me if I’m not in business?

Barter works for everyone. In addition to trading as part of a business, you can trade items you no longer want or need. Through, you can turn unused gifts, duplicate items, no-longer wanted items, antiques, collectibles you no longer collect -- virtually anything you have --into "cash", in the form of trade credits, which you can use to buy goods and services from other Traders.

Is this legal?

Barter is completely legal. For centuries, corporations (and entire nations) have traded goods and services. Over 60% of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange engage in barter. And anyone who’s traded tools or houseplants with a neighbor down the street, or exchanged books or computer discs with friends, knows the benefits of trading.

How does fit in? gives everyone, everywhere, the power to barter their goods and services with anyone, anywhere else. Using state-of the-art technology, we’ve created a worldwide network through which you can trade anything for anything else. And we’ve made it easy, fast, efficient,and fun!

As a Trader, you have an account that functions just like a regular bank account. But instead of cash, your account will hold TargetBarter Dollars. will put you in touch with other Traders who are exchanging their goods and services, facilitate your bartering, and keep track of your TargetBarter Dollars, just as your bank would.