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  1. I will be honest and fair at all times in my dealings with all Traders. I hereby acknowledge and agree that I am over 18 years of age.

  2. I will be courteous and respectful in my dealings with other Traders.

  3. I will be complete and accurate when I describe an item I am listing for trade. The item will do what I say it will, and will be in the condition I represent. I will not exaggerate an item's features or capabilities. I will be honest about any repairs the item might need, and any shortcomings it might have. Any software that is listed for trade must be Original Licensed Merchandise and not Bootleg Copies. I will not offer fire arms for Trade, or any contraband materials, or any Item that is illegal under Federal or Local Laws. This shall include illegal drugs, of all sorts. I will not offer for Trade live animals, human beings, body parts (to Trade to surgical recipients). Any violations of this Rule are grounds for immediate Termination.

  4. I will set my prices fairly, according to accurate, current market values.

  5. I will be honest and fair in any statements or representations I make to other Traders.

  6. The goods and services I offer will be for 100% trade. I agree that I will only accept TargetBarter Dollars as my form of trade payment. There will be no hidden or undisclosed cash costs. Any and all Photos or Graphics that are posted (uploaded) by Sellers with their TargetBarter Trade Listings (these Photos or Graphics) become the property of TargetBarter.

  7. As the seller, I will make every effort to deliver my goods or services in a timely, safe, manner. My shipping fees (if they apply), will be fairly priced, and in compliance with current market values and standards. All orders must be shipped within 10 days from date of purchase and shipping status must be updated. I hereby agree as a Member and the seller of an item or service that I have listed on TargetBarter, that if I fail for any reason to ship an item sold or supply a service sold to the buyer, I understand that I must pay a "Returned Item Fee" to TargetBarter of $25. Target$$. I understand and give my approval for this "Returned Item Fee" to be deducted from my TargetBarter Trade Account. If in the event I do not have enough earned Target$$ to pay this fee, I hereby give my permission for TargetBarter Administration to charge this $25 Target$$ fee to my Line of Credit or I may elect to pay this fee in cash to TargetBarter by credit card or online check.

  8. As the buyer, I agree to pay the 10% cash service fees (or $2.50 minimum fees on purchases under $25) on each and every purchase I make within the System. You may pay with a credit card, certified check, secure online AuthorizeNet Checks, or bank check. (We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express) There will be a $10 cash fee charged by TargetBarter on any returned check. I will be honest in my response to items I purchase, and will be considerate of other people's time, energy, and efforts... if and when cash shipping fee's apply to items I order (as spelled out in the TargetBarter trade listing) I agree to pay those fee's to seller in a timely manner. If not paid in a timely manner, I understand I may forfeit my right for trade & or service fee reversal's. It is understood by me that shipping fees and their payment, when applicable, are between BUYER and SELLER and are not the responsibility of TargetBarter.

  9. In the event of a dispute with another Trader, I will make every effort to resolve the disagreement quickly, honestly, and fairly.

  10. Trade transactions between traders are entered into on a voluntary basis. bears no responsibility for the quality of products or services, timely delivery, prices, warranties, or any problems that arise from the transaction. I accept as the final arbitrator of any dispute between myself and another Trader. If a dispute between myself and another Trader is brought to for arbitration, I agree to accept's decision, and will promptly act according to its ruling and abide by its decisions. All requests for Arbitration, Customer Service Adjustments, Non Delivery Reports, Order Reversals / Service Fee Credit or any problem that may arise from Trade Transactions must be reported to and received by TargetBarter no latter than 30 days from the time of the transaction. After that 30 day period, no adjustments or arbitrations will be made on that transaction.

  11. I hereby acknowledge and agree that my line of credit, is similar to an overdraft privilege on a regular bank checking account. I don't have to use it at all. If I do use it, there are no interest or finance charges.

    If I do elect to use my Credit Line I must repay it with the TargetBarter Dollars that I earn as I trade/sell my goods and services to other Traders.

    By using my Credit Line, when I earn trade credits from sales, they will go toward paying back my Credit Line before my account shows a positive balance. The Credit Line is a courtesy of & is granted only to qualified active( Sell as well as Buy) Target Traders. If in the opinion of TargetBarter Administration a Trader is not making a attempt to pay back their Trade deficit with new Sales Listings, that member will be contacted by TargetBarter and asked to remedy their Negative Account Credit Line with additional Trade listings & sales. If Trader does not take steps to list additional, fairly priced, Tradable Items their account may be Terminated by TargetBarter and all Negative balances will now be due to TargetBarter in Cash. This Credit Line is granted for one (1) year and is reviewed periodically by TargetBarter Administration. If I elect not to pay back my credit line with new Trade sales, I will make arrangements with to pay back my owed line of credit with cash.

  12. If, as a Trader, I fail to obey these rules, or commit any act considered harmful or detrimental to TargetBarter (in its opinion), I accept's right to terminate my trading privileges. If my trading privileges are terminated, I forfeit any rights, benefits, and any TargetBarter Bonus $$$ I may have received as a Trader, and any credit line deficits on my account are due and payable to in cash.

  13. I can elect to terminate my trading privileges with at any time by e-mail or written notice. If I have a positive credit balance in my account, I hereby agree to spend those credits within the trading system and pay all cash fees as due. (These trade credits cannot be converted to cash in any manner whatsoever, and can only be used within the trading system.) Target$$ (Target Trade Dollars) can not be transferred or assigned. If I have negative balance in my account,I can elect to pay it to Target in cash, to close my account, rather than with merchandise or services.

  14., like a Bank or Brokerage Firm, is a Third Party Record Keeper and as such, is required to report all appropriate income to US Federal Tax authorities. TargetBarter Traders agree to pay all Federal, state, and county taxes on trade transactions, where and when applicable. (May not be applicable to non-US individuals or companies.)

  15. reserves the right to modify its terms, rules, procedures, and conditions for accepting new members at any time. reserves the right to change, modify, amend or delete the text of any listing that does not conform to's policies or Trading Rules. shall from time to time, publish electronic bulletins or e-mail directives containing modifications, changes or additions to these Trader's Rules which member traders agree to abide by.

  16. As a Member, I hereby agree that all business matters, dealings or disputes which may arise with shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of the State of New York. All parties hereby subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of New York.

  17. As a Trader, I agree to obey and abide by these rules.

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