Corporate Accounts

Privacy Policy


Customer Service Policy will act as a clearing house that lists items for trade, enables Traders to contact each other, enables members to buy and sell on trade, facilitates bartering among Traders, authorizes trade transactions, and maintains the trade accounts of Traders. will update trade accounts within 24 hours of trading activity.

Traders will receive an electronic statement detailing account activity, and a current account balance will appear onscreen when Traders log on to's web site.

Trade transactions between Traders are entered into on a voluntary basis. bears no responsibility for the quality of products or services, timely delivery, prices, warranties, or any problems that arise from the transaction. Disputes between Traders will be arbitrated by upon request of either Trader in the dispute. The decision of will be final. When a dispute resolution requires a financial adjustment, both trade and cash service fees will be adjusted.

If arbitrates a dispute between Traders, the decision of will be final for any and all parties involved in the dispute.

If you have questions or want information that is not included on our web site, you can reach by e-mail at We will answer all questions, inquires, and requests for information as quickly as possible.